Hi John:

I have got the AB-doer Twist, and just started to use it. I follow the dvd, and even if I feel clumsy and stupid, your guiding and your voice keep me all the time with a smile, and encourage me to go on. You talk as if I am doing great. I know I will be better after some practicing. Next sunday my age will change to 57, but that is just a number. I work as an accountant and there is not much exercise behind the desk. You know life is not always easy to control. So for too many years I have had to work almost double to catch up. But all has an end, and last year was that for me, so now I can go on working normal days. I have my dog Emma who is 1.5 years old. And we say there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, so we walk in sun, rain, snow, storm. Our walks are between 2.5 and 4 of your miles, depending where we walk. I do not like running and she likes to sniff a bit during the walk, so we both do what we like most. I live not far from my daughter and her family, and I gave her an AB-doer for birthday/christmas gift. We will try to exercise together as often as possible. I hope when summer comes I will be where I want to be in shape, and then go on working to stay there.

Thank you very much!
Anne from Norway, 56 years young

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_I wanted to share John's message. Myself I strongly believe in this since I stared using the Ab Doer Twist. It is actually working on my ab training. Thank you John always. Love.

John says;
SPOT REDUCTION is possible. I know this is a controversial topic but this is my personal/professional opinion. I've seen it and experienced it; many times. Those who don't believe it are stuck in a mind-warp because they're not considering the power of the mind's influence on the circulation of blood and nerve energy, mitochondrial recruitment and development, hormone production, homeostasis and metabolism. Of course, you'll lose fat from other areas of the body when focusing on just one area (a bonus), but the 'spot' you're focusing on will be the most prominent 'spot' you gain results in; provided you 'do' it correctly. If a person can 'spot increase' then why can't they 'spot reduce'? Think of all possibilities your body and mind are capable of. Release yourself from the chains of limitations that are being promoted by 'certified fitness trainers', physiologists and even doctors. The human body, and its psyche, have limitless capabilities. You're a Doer because you can, and do, DO it! You have no limits! Reach for the stars! John Abdo
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